Say Hi To Bill Murray

Say whaaat?! Yup. It’s Bill Murray in the flesh. THE Bill Murray. A company based in Cape Town, South Africa working collaboratively with clients across the globe.

So what does The Bill Murray do exactly? That’s easy. We solve problems in two pretty neat ways.

The Bill Murray process tank

We help businesses all over the world improve their way of working.

Making processes fun, simple and people focused.

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The Bill Murray network of talent

We outsource the best creative talent South Africa has to offer. Our network of talent is something we’re extremely proud of. Our people are handpicked, tried and tested, award-winning strokes of genius who deliver great quality work for great value.

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The Bill Murray approach to life

We believe in authenticity, hard work and fun.

At the heart of our business lies open and honest communication.

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Meet the Team

Belinda Murray, THE Bill Murray

Hi, I’m Bill,

Hi, I’m Bill Murray. THE Bill Murray. I’ve been in the world of advertising for a very, very long time. Over these years, I’ve built great relationships with some seriously great people. I started this business 7 years ago and have loved every single minute of it. I’ve worked with incredible clients all over the world and have embraced each challenge with gusto. I love what I do, I love that I can be who I am at all times. Here what you see is what you get. We’re not fancy, we’re not fluffy. We just love what we do and that’s why we have fun doing it.

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Hi, I’m Dee.

I joined Bill last year and am thrilled to be onboard. I’m completely in love with the world of design and advertising. Dealing with all things admin and finance, I’ve come to realise that it’s not a snooze-fest in this creative environment – clients and talent alike are super talented, amazing and dynamic human beings.


Hi, I’m Alice.

I live in a beautiful little beach town called Hout Bay in Cape Town. Being surrounded by the ocean and mountains makes me super calm and focused. Which really helps when it comes to making a living by helping teams work smarter. Working with The Bill Murray feels fresh and fun but also very directed. It’s a beautiful ecosystem of like-minded people enjoying drawing out better work experiences in businesses.

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How it Works (the “methodology”)

The Bill Murray Process Tank

We fix, streamline and restructure internal operational processes using experience, objectivity and best-practice. People and processes work hand in hand as we believe the one cannot work without the other.


1. Identify

We’ll meet with you to get an understanding of your business needs. We’ll then supply you with a proposal based on our conversation. The kickstart will involve an audit of the people, processes and platforms within your business. This will entail one-on-one confidential meetings with all the key players.

2. Strategy

This is where the magic happens.

We’ll go off and deep dive into delivering what we feel will be the best solutions to help make your business more efficient and more streamlined. We’ll identify challenges that are holding your business back from performing at its ultimate best. We frame this off of our specially formulated model.

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3. Recommendations

Based on the work done, we will meet with you to present a highly thorough process plan of action for your company. This is a collaborative meeting because the truth is nobody knows your business as well as you do. BUT we have the time to pull together a plan of action and deliver it in a package that can be implemented.

4. Implementation

Now we get busy with your people. Using our agreed challenges, recommendations and solutions as a springboard, we will prioritize and collaborate with your business to help empower you to succeed on this journey.

5. Maintain

We know the drill. There’s never enough hours in the day, work gets in the way. So we’ll stay involved, keeping an eye on your business. In this way, we will be able to hold you accountable to ensure that you follow through on what has been promised. We are your watchdogs – nice, friendly, happy watchdogs that want to see your business succeed.

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The Bill Murray Network of Talent

We love this country and its incredible talent. We collaborate with a variety of local and international clients to place great talent onto the right briefs. These are all senior teams or designers that are self-sufficient, professional and above all talented. This offering is hugely financially beneficial to our clients.

1. Brief

You supply us with a brief. You will have the opportunity to guide us on your preference of the kind of portfolio that will resonate with the brief. We will then supply you with options of talent and availability.

2. Quote

On approval of your selected portfolio, we will supply a quote for your approval. We would need you to supply us with a PO prior to work commencing.

3. Commence work

Once the quote is approved, we introduce you to the talent and the work begins. We will check in with the talent and you to ensure both parties are happy on the journey.

We do not project manage – we only have senior people on our books who are capable of managing the job directly with you.

4. Delivery

We deliver outstanding work on time in an entirely pain-free way.

5. Payment

Our terms are 30 days. We require a PO prior to commencing work.

Well that was a walk in the park


We work with incredible clients all over the world.